lundi, octobre 24, 2005

TOP 10 Visual Studio IDE improvements

Nice post, from Younes's blog, Microsoft MVP (from C# Product Manager at Microsoft, Daniel Fernandez) .
Check Younes'blog article

1- Refactoring: Which is the automation of code restructuration. An exemple of this is when for example, you rename a TextBox, the IDE tracks all references found in scope and update the code automatically. This is the "rename refactoring"The IDE offers the following refactoring options:
Extract Method
Encapsulate Field
Extract Interface
Reorder Parameters
Remove Parameters
Promote Local Variable to Parameter

2- Edit & Continue: This feature lets you update your code while in debug mode and apply changes without having to restart building and executing the application.

3- Code snippets: This feature inserts common code templates for you. For example, a loop, a property and the likes...

4- IntelliSense enhancement: First, IntelliSense intelligently provides completion lists depending on the generic type signature. Second, IntelliSense now provides more context-sensitive filtered completion lists. For example, when you're typing a try/catch clause, IntelliSense will automatically filter all types so that only exception types are visible in the completion list.

5- Class Designer: Class Designer is a new feature that provides a visual representation of your source code and .NET types. As with other visual designers in Visual Studio 2005, changes made visually are reflected in the code, and vice versa.

6- Debugger Visualizers: Visualizers enable developers to visualize complex data types such as XML data or a DataSet while in debug mode. Visualizers are extensible, so developers and component providers can create custom visualizations for their own types.

7- Object DataBinding: Middle-tier component developers can now easily bind their business objects, including generic collections, to Windows Forms or ASP.NET Web controls.

8- Configurable Code Formatting and Coloring: C# developers spend a lot of time beautifying their code. Visual C# 2005 provides customizable configuration settings that enable you to control every aspect of your code, including formatting options for new lines, spacing, and wrapping. You'll also be able to customize coloring of .NET types such as value types, delegates, enums, and interfaces.

9- Code definition window: The Code Definition Window dynamically displays the definition of any type that you place your cursor on. This handy feature simplifies the process of seeing two sets of code at the same time.

10- Auto "using" Statements: How many times have you been typing code in Visual Studio and you suddenly notice that IntelliSense stops working? One of the most common reasons for this is that your code is missing a using statement to fully qualify the data type. Visual Studio 2005 can now intelligently detect whether your code is missing a using statement through a Smart Tag. You will have the option of adding a using statement or providing the fully qualified name of the type by including the namespace.

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