mardi, novembre 15, 2005

My experience VS 2005 beta2

Among the problems that I met during my experiment of Visual sudio 2005 beta 2, and which were fortunately corrected in the final version left in November 2005:

- The possibility of bind DataTable directly to a combo box for example:
Combobox.datasource = myDataTable

- the use of some COM object, in particular office Web component (owc), in the version beta I could not insert the control on my Windows form and start to work.

- As for the designer, the errors toolbar annoyed me with its noninteraction with my mouse

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I agree ith u how wonderful is the second generation of framework and its tools, but the things u said impossible with the other version of VSNET are possible.

For example:
'Bind the combo directly to the table
'Set the value member (ID)
'Set the display member

Wadie a dit…

I agree with u, we can do a data binding only with .Net framwork 1.4, but with .net framework 2.0 beta 2 somme kind of binding doesn't work for me, and the problem was resolved in the final version, weee :)