jeudi, mars 02, 2006

.NET Pizza party February 28, 2006

Tuesday February 28, 2006 was one evening very special, I carried out a presentation, with younes, at TechnoPark Casablanca, the environment was very owl, that gave me great pleasure of feeling active in the Moroccan community.

we talked about innovations of Visual studio 2005 and 2. We had presented the new contôls offered by this version, who extremement make the task fast and productive for developers, estimated in particular at 70%.

some demos also has beeen prensented to public of DatView, security controls, administration, Theme & skin, master page....

we also treated the new functionalities of the environement visual studio 2005, like : Refactring, Code View Definition, SmartTags, CodeSnippet, Enhanced Datatips...
I will try progressively to develop that on my blog.

at the end, we presented the .net sommunity web wite (new version), i will leave this topic because i wil talk about it on détails :)

Thanks Ali ... thanks to all people who works hard to make this community better

* thanks to Mehdi for the picture

2 commentaires:

mehdi a dit…

Je tiens à Vous féléciter de la présentation,on a appris vraiment Beaucoup en votre compagnie.

P.S: La Photo Prise ensemble Figure sur l'album sur mon Blog.

Wadie a dit…

Merci beaucoup mehdi, ça m'encourage à donner encore plus. En fait, tu as bien fait parce que moi aussi j'en voulais, mais je savais pas qui a pris les photos!
Nice work!