dimanche, septembre 09, 2007

Flickr Wallpaper

The Flickr Wallpaper! is a Windows based application written using the .Net Framework that help you to change your windows wallpaper directly from Flickr photos database.

Downloads :
You can download the latest version by clicking Flickr Wallpaper! v1.1

It requires Microsoft .NET 2.0 If you don't already have that installed you can download it here
Version History:
1.10 - 2007/09/11
  • Added resolution selection : just photos with Width > 800 and Height > 600 are kept
1.00 - 2007/09/09
  • First release
screen shots

5 commentaires:

Younes a dit…

Thanks for this great utility!

Can you add into consideration the following:

- Detection of the aspect ratio of the monitor and the current screen resolution

-Filtering images by screen resolution so that the application doesn't bring small or "incompatible" images

Thank you

Wadie a dit…

Okidou! you right some times available sizes for an image are only "small" and "medium", so the chosen image is not incompatible with desktop resolution. that test will be integrated on the next version

Thanks man for your collaboration :)

Younes a dit…

You're welcome!

Wadie a dit…

Between the beautifull tags I found, I suggest to use those tags :
- landscapes
- nature

Wadie a dit…

- hdr