mardi, juin 23, 2009

Windows Deployement Service Episode1 : Error on client if changing server Name

I have a small poblem with Windows deployment service. At the first time, I installed it on server called Server1 with SCCM, SQL, WSUS…..since I need to put it on a separated server, so I decide to deploy it on a server called Server2. nice !

On Server2, Deployement workbench is installed with all necessary files, and WDT. Distribution files need to be modified :
- Bootstrap.ini & CustomSettings.ini
- Unattend.xml
- Deploy.xml

Next, configuring option 60 on DHCP to point on Server2, and allowing clientsanswer, and authorize server (command prompt wdsutil). Then updating deployment points.

At this point we can see that WDS is configured properly, but when I test the installation of a laptop, it detect the network pxe image, but at the beginning of installation after "wpeinit", the installer is asking for Server1 share, I am sure that all files (Bootstrap.ini, CustomSettings.ini, Unattend.xml and Deploy.xml) are configured properly, and images updated.

The problem is stupid : I have used the same laptop to test installation of the image from Server1 before, now the laptop boot, load files, and maybe it keep some files on HDD from previous installation, so Microsoft has no plans to replace the files loaded at boot time for a new installation :p

If you need to use the same box to test the installation after changing the server name, you should format the HDD before !

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