jeudi, novembre 24, 2005

Ready to Rock the Code!

Today it was a great day, I attended the world launching of SQL2005, VS2005 and BizTalk2006, I also took part as a member representing of the Moroccan community.Net.
I spent a few moments of the day explaining to the visitors what it is and for what is used, while wearing a super Microsoft Tee-shirt. You can see on the picture from left to right Younes, abdelhak and I :

The meeting of the morning started with a global presentation of the solutions, while insisting on the solutions integration strategy taked by Microsoft.

After midday, I attended the 3 meetings of Anis chabbi, Microsoft consultant, sincerely it was successful, I liked his passion for the things which it presents. Indeed he spoke about biztalk 2006, then the new "Service broker" of SQL2005, which the goal is to integrate service solutions oriented architecture with SQLserver, and finally a presentation of integration services, analysis services and reporting services.

2 commentaires:

mehdi a dit…

Y avais aucune annonce sur le lancement au maroc,sachant que je savais que C'était le 24/11 puisque j'ai assisté à DOTNET Pizza party.
mais bon je regrette de ne pas pouvoir y assister mais j'espère que les prochaines fois je serais mieux informé.

Wadie a dit…

Hi Mehdi,
je te conseil de s'inscrire sur ce site :, tu pourra ainsi être au courant des prochains rendez-vous. A la prochaine PizzaParty alors ...